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Latest Product Upgrades – Barpro visits Portugal

Pictured above: Ramada Storax agents and management bid farewell to the multi-bay side member from left – David Sheppard Storax MD, James Cunningham Barpro Storage MD, Danie Coetzee Barpro Storage Factory Manager, Claudia Formigal Ramada Factory Manager, Todd Jessup of Flexspace, Ramada Storax agent for North America. James Cunningham and Danie Coetzee recently visited the Ramada factory in Ovar Portugal which makes our Storax bases.   While James attended a Sales and Marketing seminar, Danie spent time in the factory catching up on production processes and latest product upgrades. One of these concerned the project to replace the current multiple bay Storax side members with a new design that goes from bay to bay. While the new side members are still heavy duty, being fabricated from a 4 mm steel c channel, they will be significantly easier to transport and install. The cost on transportation of future replacement side members will also be reduced.   One of the unique features of Storax mobiles are their additional side members. Other makes of mobile racking generally do not incorporate side members in their designs.   Storax has always argued that side members are critical for several reasons which include the following: They increase base rigidity and assist in keeping the wheel units parallel to each other, significantly lengthening the life of the base. They provide a straight parallel surface for reach truck operators to use when moving pallets and make the put away or retrieval process both quicker and easier especially at higher beam levels. The bottom level of pallets on a Storax base are designed to sit on the base beams so that they do not protrude beyond the side members. This gives added protection to the pallet loads from reach truck impacts and minimizes pallet to pallet impacts when the bases close together.     [gravityform id=”10″ title=”true” description=”true”]   Read more: Barpro has been manufacturing mobile bases for over 5 years! Read more: Storax Ramada Ranger Shuttle launches in SA  

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Storax Ranger

Storax Ramada Ranger Shuttle launches in SA

Storax Ramada, our European principals, are market leaders with a versatile and successful shuttle system known as the Storax Ranger. As it is now tried and tested Ramada Storax have asked Barpro to market the Storax Ranger in South Africa. Barpro Storage has agreed to do so as the Storax Ranger is complementary to our range of mobile racking, which we’ve become so good at, having successfully implemented well over 200 systems in our more than 25 year history. Ranger shuttle has sold many thousands across Europe, and we are now incorporating this as an important addition to our product line-up as a locally available offering, and we expect our first SA orders/installations very shortly. Barpro Storage technicians will be trained in Europe on installation and maintenance, we will hold spares stock in SA, and we’ll be fully equipped to handle this exciting system quite soon. This system should receive serious consideration in any situation where drive-in might be considered – including forced cooling racks in the fruit industry – but also anywhere in an existing facility where greater capacity is needed (Shuttle is as space efficient as mobiles) but one doesn’t want to mess with an existing floor. Shuttle is, of course, often an integral part of many fully automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), which we are also now able to offer through our European partners. Storax Ramada Ranger Case Study: Automated Barrel Storage [gravityform id=”8″ title=”true” description=”true”]

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Etlin International visits UK's greatest

Etlin International visits UK’s greatest

I visited, I think the most biggest and impressive temperature controlled warehouses that the UK has to offer.   The first warehouse had a total capacity of 197 000 pallets and increasing. The second site visited holds 41 500 frozen but they have other sites around UK. Third – probably the largest frozen logistics company in UK, capacity of 365 000 pallets across 12 stores. And fourth was 160 000 pallets on the site.   The capacity of these warehouses were the most impressive and the volume that actually gets moved in/out, it was just WOW !!   There were many highlights in visiting these stores such as the energy efficiency initiatives, most the product is handled with ride on pallet jacks instead of forklift trucks as opposed to here in S.A – this is actually a huge mind set change for me, the picking abilities and purpose built infrastructure to handle 1600 sku’s is just mind-blowing. In all the stores the primary mobile equipment supplier is Storax so we were happy to see we are following global industry leaders in this category, very few maintenance or breakdown issues on the system – very similar to what we have here in S.A. A lot of these stores aim to offer a full “cradle to grave” solution which is very convenient to the customer and beneficial to the organization.                       We would also just like to thank Barpro/STORAX for arranging the visit, hosting us and for commuting us around, there was a wealth of information shared which we could probably never place a value on, it was truly a mind blowing trip with just so much of information to absorb and ideas to be transformed, on behalf of Etlin we would just like to convey our heartfelt gratitude for everything.     Christopher Nulliah – Logistics Director   [gravityform id=”10″ title=”true” description=”true”]

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