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Benefits of Barpro Storage

All local manufacturing takes place in our Cape Town facility. Barpro Storage also makes use of local and international suppliers to service clients.

We install and retrofit mobile racking systems into new and existing cold/ freezer stores to increase usable pallet capacity.

Design, supply, installation and  maintenance

All  locally manufactured systems are signed off by a qualified Structural Engineer.

Local stock and manufacturing of  small systems and mechanical spares

Regular site inspections  with health and safety  documentation

Benefits of Mobile Racking

20-year-old installations still in operation

Up to 80% more capacity than fixed racking

Utilises all available space, with height capabilities of over 12m

Immediate access to every pallet position

Dramatic reduction in cost per pallet

Smaller footprint significantly decreases cold-storage energy costs

Ideal for new or existing warehouses

Works within almost any constraints

Ideal for multi-phase installations

merged mobile racking types

Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance Service inspections are an integral part of ensuring that your mobile system lasts a lifetime. Our SLA includes bi-annual inspections & highly recommended as the most-cost-effective, long-term maintenance option, but inspections can also be requested as stand-alone service when required.

Maintenance Service Inspection

Service Level Agreement

Maintenance Service Inspection

Barpro Storages’ Rack Safety has a clear understanding of what constitutes damage, and to what extent this presents danger to the overall integrity to the racking system.

Pallet Beams & frame insights are the components most frequently damaged by forklifts, and these are the vital load-bearing elements of the system.

The inspector systematically checks for damages such as dents, twists & report on the findings which includes:


Motor Repairs

Barpro clients now have the option of getting motor gearboxes repaired with warranty at a fraction of the cost of a new one. The typical scope of repair can include the following components:

Barpro Storage stocks a broad range of mobile spares at our Cape Town warehouse & branches we like to dispatch spares within 48 hours of order.

We also manufacture customised parts in our workshop & import specialised items from Europe.

Racking System & Infrastructure

Mobile Base & Rack Protection

Cold Store Protection

Protective wear & Safety products

Delf Coldwear PPE is a great choice for cold store manager looking for increase staff productivity. Using proprietary fiber blend incl. hollow fill fibers.

It is guaranteed to keep workers warm in the coldest environments.


Environmentally friendly and non-corrosive, I-Smelt works 10 times faster than salt & won’t damage your infrastructure / equipment. The white powder reduces ice to slush, allowing it to be swept away – no forceful or destructive removal required.

Pallet & Product Damage Reduction

Pallet support beams (PSB) are primarily designed to prevent pallets from sagging in the middle with the 1000mm side facing (1200mm) deep in mobile racking.

Mesh Deck protection

Mesh Deck are used as protective grids on cantiliver racking. They can also support plastic and under sized pallets, in racking. Designed to suit your pallet type & weight.

Health & Safety Products & Service

To contribute towards the prevention of rack collapses in warehouses & cold stores developed a Rack Safety Awareness programme that provides critical information & how to conduct weekly inspection.


Every warehouse should have a trained PRRS (person responsible for racking safety). Forklift drivers should be encouraged to report rack impact immediately to the PRRS for assessment and, if necessary, repair.

Rack Safety Training

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