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Barpro Storage has proudly laid claim to be the pioneers of the Storax mobile system in Southern Africa, with our first installation being completed over 25 years ago. The advantage that Barpro has is that after 25 years in the business, and with over 280 installations to look after, we have built up the infrastructure necessary to support our customers, from Namibia to KZN, from Cape Town to Mauritius, with technicians travelling the whole region, and all spares – even complete systems – being locally manufactured. We are proud of our customer base. One such company is Sparta Foods in Welkom, leading suppliers of top quality beef and other frozen products in the Free State.

Four years ago, Barpro Storage was offered the opportunity to install a Storax mobile racking system which provides fully accessible storage for well over 2000 tonnes of product.  Barpro Storage was also involved with the training of Sparta’s staff in the operation of the system and has supplied Delf freezer wear to keep operators warm and productive while working in this hostile environment.

Recommendation:” I am highly satisfied with the professional manner that Barpro Storage handled the entire project. I will surely recommend them to anyone who requires such a system.”

Sparta Beef mobile racking installation

Gearing up for growth – Mega Chicks invests in a New Mobile racked Freezer Store

Barpro Storage conducted an interview with Mega Chicks after the completion of their new Mobile Racked Cold Store Facility in Johannesburg.

Background of Mega Chicks

Mega Chicks is a Family run business that started from humble beginnings in the early-80’s out of Lenasia in Southern Johannesburg. Now, in its 2nd generation, Mega Chicks has their own retail outlets which supplies high-quality Halaal Chicken & Frozen Foods to Wholesalers, Retailers & Informal Restaurants across South Africa.


Q1: Tell us about your new facility? What was the reason for making this fairly large investment in a Mobile Racked Freezer Holding Store?

Due to our focus on efficiency, we have seen growth in the past 5 years in our business We identified the need to increase our stockholding & create a buffer to serve our customers better during peak times.

Q2: What made you chose mobile racking as opposed to any other racking system?

Space is at a premium in our facility, so after careful assessment of all options, we decided on a high density ‘Mobile racked’ Cold Store facility. We wanted to maximise the amount of pallets we could store in the limited space available. It allowed access to every pallet. Accessibility was critical as we have a wide range of ever-changing products.

We also considered the potential saving on power that mobiles offer due to more product & less open space in the freezer cube & when calculating the payback period this solution offered potentially quick paybacks on our investment.

Q3: Was the installation of the Mobile racking satisfactory?

We had the right professionals around us who knew what they were doing. Step by step we managed the complete project in stages. Everything went according to plan & when we deviated good communication & teamwork got us on track.

Q4: Were you happy with the service you received from Barpro?

We were very happy with Barpro as everything was attended to. I must commend Corne Stapelberg the Barpro Joburg GM & Project Manager for going the extra mile. He offered advice & support over & above the mobile racking. Projects like this can be stressful & having the right people advising you & helping make decisions is key. Thank you, Corne.

Q5: How will the mobile racking & cold store facility help you to service your customers moving forward?

The additional stock on hand & buffer storage will definitely help us to avoid missing opportunities top supply our customers & improve our service.

Barpro Storage wish to thank Mega Chicks for the feedback & information. We look forward to working with you to maintain & keep the mobiles & racking in good working condition & on track.

SSequence Logistics expands to Johannesburg

Sequence Logistics expands to Johannesburg

Sequence Logistics built its first freezer in Hammarsdale, KwaZulu Natal, during 2008. In 2010 it rented freezer space in Joburg, expanding to Cape Town in 2014 as well as adding a second phase to the Hammarsdale freezer. As the strategy of providing refrigerated storage, both primary and secondary refrigerated transport, case picking and stock optimisation services proved successful, Sequence decided to build its own freezer store to service the Gauteng area.


The mobile installation with cascade control and front cantilevers
The mobile installation with cascade control and front cantilevers. The hanging frames have yet to be installed in this picture.


The store, situated at Aeroton Johannesburg is equipped with a combination of mobile racking for storage and static racking for case picking and order make up.


Barpro, together with Universal Storage Systems, designed and installed the Storax mobiles and fixed racking to suit the Sequence requirements of storage and case picking. Equipped with cascade control it includes the ability to move the Storax mobiles remotely from inside the heated cabs of the reach trucks. Additional features include aisle light switching and night park which spaces the Storax bases out at night for better cooling. The Storax bases have 6 pallet levels each suitable for a 2000mm high pallet weighting 1200kgs.

The total base weight when fully loaded is just under 400 tons, the same as an airbus A380 800 on take-off and is driven by 5 Nord electric motors with a maximum current of 5 Amps, about half the current it takes to boil an electric kettle.

The aisle light switching function switches on the lights in the open aisles. Even with LED fittings this saves electricity by significantly reducing the number of lights on at any time and also reduces the heat load on the refrigeration system.


Inside the heated truck
Inside the heated reach truck cab. Note the radio remote key pad to open the aisles as well as the yellow aisle clear scanner which can only be used in line of sight.


Safety Features

Safety features include fixed photoelectric beams which stop the mobile in 20mms when the beam is broken, double PE safety beams across the front of each mobile bank to prevent pedestrians stepping into a moving aisle and yellow aisle clear scanners which clear the aisle in line of sight before the bases can be moved. Each base has emergency stop buttons which are hard wired to the control panel.

The racking on the mobile bases which is designed for the dynamic loads is well protected by the base structure from forklift impacts. On the fixed racking, frame protection is essential. Sequence requested heavy duty frame protection on all static uprights. Additionally, bollards are installed to protect the racking from side impact in the door areas and tunnels through the fixed racking in the case picking room.

Frame protection and bollard
Left: ‘Channel’ type Frame protection
Right: Bollard


Barpro always suggests that wooden bumpers be installed on the front guide wheel unit of every mobile as they prevent damage to both the wheel unit itself and the rack mounted push button stations.


Barpro Wooden Bumpers
Wooden Bumpers


From a general design perspective, there was a conscious trade- off between capacity and operational capability. Mobile aisles are wide enough to allow easy turning by counterbalanced trucks, rack bay clear openings are generous and gangways have sufficient width allow access to the fixed racks while leaving sufficient space for high volume product movement.


The front and rear cantilevers were installed on each base adding additional pallet locations. Rear cantilevers also create an escape route and safe access for servicing the rack control panels.

Rear Cantilever on Storax mobile racking system
Rear Cantilever allows easy access to control panels


When Storax systems are handed over to the client, part of the procedure consists of formal training for the various levels of user. All aspects are covered including opening and closing the aisles and fault finding. Barpro also encourages users to sign up for a Service Level Agreement. SLA automatic inspections identify any problems early and prevent costly downtime later on.

Barpro Storage Handover and training session
Handover and training session


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