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Our History

The Barpro Storage SA’s history goes back to the 1960’s, where mobile racking solutions were first designed by the UK’s Barpro Group.

Following the success of the first installation the Group expended into other applications and later became the mobile racking manufacturer of choice for British and European ambient and cold storage warehouses.

The concept arrived in SA in 1991 where the first system was installed in Hermanus. As demand increased, a local subsidiary known as Barpro Storage SA (Pty) Ltd was established in September 1996. The company’s core focus is to provide local sales and support for mobile solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa, ensuring the same level of quality and service as the Barpro Grop.

Barpro Storage is now management-owned and managed after the Barpro Group was sold in 2001. In addition to manufacturing mobile systems, Barpro Storage also promotes allied products.

To this day Barpro Storage SA maintains the same core principles: innovative, solution-driven designs, comprehensive and trustworthy service, and top-quality manufacturing and installations that stand the test of time.

South African industry leaders for over 27 years

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James Cunningham

Managing Director

After various unrelated positions in South Africa, James became manager of Freezerlink Cold Store in 1989. He retained his position when Freezerlink was bought by I&J in 1991 and subsequently was heavily involved in cold store upgrade which included the installation of Storax mobile racking. In 1996, James became General Manager of Barpro Storage. James has assisted numerous companies both locally and internationally to maximise warehouse and cold store space through the use of Storax mobiles. James has also introduced additional products and services to improve productivity, especially in cold stores.

Meloney Janari, Financial Director at Barpro Storage SA

Meloney Janari

Director: Finance & HR

Meloney’s area of expertise comprise finance, admin and HR. Meloney completed her studies in the area of finance and then studied HR Management. She initially worked as an Accountant, and then as Financial & HR Manager within the Travel & Tourism industry before entering the Textile Clothing environment manufacturing and exporting high quality, unique childrenswear to the USA & Europe. Meloney joined Barpro in 2004 and with skills developed over a period of 25 years across the areas of finance, corporate governance and HR Meloney runs a tight ship managing the affairs / business of Barpro Storage.

Mike Vermeulen

Technical Director

Mike started at Barpro Storage in May 1999, mainly to install new mobile racking systems and to maintain existing systems. Previously Storax had to send an engineer from the UK to head installations and address problems. This became too costly, and the turnaround time was too long. Soon after his arrival management realised that spares had to be manufactured locally in order to be competitive and also to have a faster turnaround time to solve problems.  With 20 years of experience in an engineering environment, Mike explored the option of starting an in-engineering facility.

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