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What is the latest from our SEMA Rack Inspector?

In my recent inspections, I encountered several warehouses and cold stores around Southern Africa with operators of MHE depositing pallets on damaged beams. Not just superficial or unseen damage but damage you can see ( note photo ). We don’t know if this is done with closed eyes from the driver’s point of view or if it is just a case of the driver not knowing what can happen if such a beam collapses. Maybe the instruction comes directly from a supervisor or manager that don’t know the seriousness of the situation. Then you get beams that are damaged already being installed- the damage varies from a beam being bent to one of the lugs being broken off.(note photo). The same goes for frames. Frames that are seen to be damaged are still loaded. We are unfortunately not all engineers and do not understand the principles of structural integrity – but when something does not look right- it probably isn’t. We do a training course for exactly that reason. They will be directly responsible for seeing the damage and reporting it to the PRRS (Person Responsible for Rack Safety ) – who in return can categorize the damage into Red, Amber, or Green. SEMA DAMAGE CODES & TOLERANCES Till next time. Contact Barpro’s SEMA Rack Inspector for more advice on rack safety and inspections : Barri-Leon Malherbe SEMA Approved Rack Inspector – Reg: 0344 Mobile: 082 565 3970 Office: 021 5529190

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Another use for forklift/ reach trucks?

We all know what forklifts are used for but let’s do some out-of-the-box thinking. For example, how about using a forklift or reach truck to sweep your cold store floors? In this article, we look at the forklift brush attachment that reduces the need for manual labor, increases productivity, and handles materials safely. A suitably sized forklift brush can: What is the forklift brush attachment? The brushes are easily attached to any fork truck and are versatile enough to sweep up debris in your cold store. Sweeping a freezer store by hand is an uncomfortable and difficult task. A reach truck with a heated cab could brush an access aisle in minutes, bringing any rubbish to the front of the gangway where it could be easily picked up. The same procedure could be used in a mobile racked store, thus preventing debris from impeding movement of the mobile bases. Reach trucks with heat cabs are particularly suitable as the sweeper does get cold. Features many benefits to help you with a range of tasks Increase safety by efficiently cleaning your workplace with a durable and low-maintenance brush which can be easily attached to a heated reach truck or forklift with or without a heated cab. This daily time-saving cleaning solution can be carried out at the end of the shift. KEY BENEFITS A clean cold store floor is a primary driver for less maintenance on the mobile racking systems. WHAT IS THE COST? With L1800mm, and 8 rows of bristles, the width would be around 200-250mm. Approximate Unit price:  R 10 600 per set Optional magnet kit   Approximate Unit price R 12 500 per set For more information contact us at: CPT – 021 5529190 James Cunningham – Jonathan Dalton – JHB – 011 3920 1702 Robert Kershaw – DBN – 031 942 3200 Melanie Nargayya

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Forklifts in Mobile Racking

Mobile racking has been on the market for many years, but was not really appreciated in South Africa until about 30 years ago, when Barpro Storage started marketing it seriously. It is now, not only in the big companies that use it in their cold stores, but also newer and smaller companies that appreciate what it can save them in terms of space and money. Over the years from big to small companies, it has been emphasised that mobile racking must be treated correctly to avoid accidents and problems and to take extra care in the selection of forklift operators and their training. In recent years, companies are taking shortcuts to reduce costs. Most of the mobile installations are in cold stores, and we have seen the following happen: All the above lead to careless and rushed forklift operations in the cold store. Furthermore, supervisors do not go into the cold stores to see what is happening in there as it is too cold!! It has become evident that managers seem to ignore the loading capacity of the racks which can lead to rack collapses. The above factors all result in expensive repairs where a technician from Barpro is called to repair the damage. We hope that managers may see the need of training the staff and use the correct equipment and save the company money. For more information contact: Desmond FellForklift training expertdesmondfell45@gmail.com076 0550 931   ABOUT DESMOND FELL Now semi-retired, Desmond consults to companies that have challenges with forklift driver performance. He also runs on site forklift operator management seminars as “policing” of forklift drivers is impossible unless supervisors understand what constitutes good driving practice. Without constant site policing, drivers quickly forget their original training even with 2-year refresher courses. The amount of damage caused by poor forklift driving in modern warehouses make management training essential, especially as forklift training course standards have fallen over the years.  

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