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Gearing up for growth – Mega Chicks invests in a New Mobile racked Freezer Store

Barpro Storage conducted an interview with Mega Chicks after the completion of their new Mobile Racked Cold Store Facility in Johannesburg.

Background of Mega Chicks

Mega Chicks is a Family run business that started from humble beginnings in the early-80’s out of Lenasia in Southern Johannesburg. Now, in its 2nd generation, Mega Chicks has their own retail outlets which supplies high-quality Halaal Chicken & Frozen Foods to Wholesalers, Retailers & Informal Restaurants across South Africa.


Q1: Tell us about your new facility? What was the reason for making this fairly large investment in a Mobile Racked Freezer Holding Store?

Due to our focus on efficiency, we have seen growth in the past 5 years in our business We identified the need to increase our stockholding & create a buffer to serve our customers better during peak times.

Q2: What made you chose mobile racking as opposed to any other racking system?

Space is at a premium in our facility, so after careful assessment of all options, we decided on a high density ‘Mobile racked’ Cold Store facility. We wanted to maximise the amount of pallets we could store in the limited space available. It allowed access to every pallet. Accessibility was critical as we have a wide range of ever-changing products.

We also considered the potential saving on power that mobiles offer due to more product & less open space in the freezer cube & when calculating the payback period this solution offered potentially quick paybacks on our investment.

Q3: Was the installation of the Mobile racking satisfactory?

We had the right professionals around us who knew what they were doing. Step by step we managed the complete project in stages. Everything went according to plan & when we deviated good communication & teamwork got us on track.

Q4: Were you happy with the service you received from Barpro?

We were very happy with Barpro as everything was attended to. I must commend Corne Stapelberg the Barpro Joburg GM & Project Manager for going the extra mile. He offered advice & support over & above the mobile racking. Projects like this can be stressful & having the right people advising you & helping make decisions is key. Thank you, Corne.

Q5: How will the mobile racking & cold store facility help you to service your customers moving forward?

The additional stock on hand & buffer storage will definitely help us to avoid missing opportunities top supply our customers & improve our service.

Barpro Storage wish to thank Mega Chicks for the feedback & information. We look forward to working with you to maintain & keep the mobiles & racking in good working condition & on track.

Various types of Pallet support

Various types of Pallet support

The Foresta Timber Group supplies timber decking which can be used to support “disposable” pallets in mobile racking applications. While timber decking is cheaper per pallet than metal support or grids – they can have the following disadvantages

  • Restricts air flow
  • Can be an additional fire hazard

Benefits – Adds support to the whole pallet

Comparative costs per pallet


Open Timber Decking – R100.00 per pallet position (ex Vat and Delivery)

Pallet Support Bars for Storax Mobile Racking

Pallet Support Beams – R115.00 per pallet position (ex Vat and Delivery)

Mesh grid special

Steel  – R300.00 per pallet position (ex Vat and Delivery)

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Repairing non-Storax Mobile Racking Systems

Repairing non-Storax Mobile Racking Systems

In 2012, we were approached and asked to assist in mechanically repairing a mobile racking system in KZN which was not supplied by Barpro Storage. The system was originally installed in 2002 and after 10 years the entire mobile rack system from bases to racking needed extensive repairs and or replacement. Unfortunately for the client, their original supplier was no longer in operation so Barpro took on the challenge.


Manufacturing of 86 new guidewheel units and 258 side members started in February of 2012. Both the wheel units and side members were sprayed to the  colour of the original system. New guide rails were retrofitted which meant cutting into the existing floor, removing the damaged rail and installing new ones.

Dispatch of side members
Dispatch of side members


The racking superstructure required adjustments to suit the clients changing needs including higher loads and was supplied by Universal.

Within 3 months the client’s new system was fully operational.

A few years later we were approached to assist another client to repair their mobile racking system, supplied by the same source.


To date both repaired mobile systems have been reported to be fully operational and in perfectly good condition.

Should you need any repairs done to your mobile racking system, Storax or otherwise – Please give us a call.


You can contact Mike Vermeulen by email or 021 552 9190 for more information.

Inspection Booking Form

Inspection Booking Form

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