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Transforming Agriculture: Vertical Farming with Mobile Racking

Farming techniques have been changing and developing since the dawn of agriculture; however, a recent development is vertical farming. Rather than having to spread out crops across fields, we are now able to stack and rack them up in vertical layers indoors. With mobile racking, one aisle can serve multiple mobile bases, increasing growing capacity, volume utilization, and overall operating efficiency. Vertical farming with mobile racking is a viable solution to ending global food insecurity. Benefits Challenges Vertical farming is not perfect and has its own set of challenges. Initially, it can be costly to set up and requires more energy to establish and maintain. Additionally, growing plants indoors is not a simple task and will require skilled technicians to run and maintain. The Future Vertical farming with mobile racking is an innovative solution to achieving a greener future. The concept in essence is growing food smarter, more sustainably, and where it is needed. Through more innovation and research, vertical growing with mobile racking could be the answer to global food security, ensuring that anyone, anywhere in the world can grow fresh, healthy produce. Source of images: Vertical Farming – Bruynzeel (

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“Barpro Storage SA (PTY) Ltd Increases Le Roux Group’s, Fruit-2-U, Cold storage capacity by 4012 Pallet positions through the installation of a Mobile Racking System” Barpro Storage SA was appointed by Jeff Wedgwood Consulting Engineers to design, supply, and install a storage solution for Fruit-2-U’s 31621.78 m³ packhouse & Cold storage Facility, outside of Wellington in the Westen Cape. The Mobile Racking Systems were designed to allow for typical Fruit pallets with a height of 2450 mm, weight of 1500 KG, and ability to go up to 4 pallets high. Barpro was involved in the project from an early stage to maximize the storage capacity. An existing room was extended. Both internal columns and access were important design features.  The floor was laid in sections using rail supplied from Barpro’s local stock.  The imported bases and racking were delayed by the ongoing port problems but were quickly installed when on site. Barpro added its wooden bumpers to protect the mobile bases as well as pallet support beams. These help in the placing of pallets and their support. With Mobile & Static racking, Barpro Storage has been able to achieve a total of 4012 Pallet positions, 3144 of which are in Mobile racking and the remaining 868 are in Static racking placed among the Mobile racking systems and structural columns. Through the incorporation of mobile racking Barpro Storage has been able to maximize the volume utilization, while bearing in mind the client’s requirements for pallet accessibility and through-put. With the project being completed in December 2023 on time and schedule, the system is set to be commissioned and in service before the beginning of the 2024 Fruit Harvest.



Whether you are a wholesaler or a distribution center, maximizing your space and saving money tops your list to increase profitability. Over the years Barpro has increased the storage capacity of several companies and improved their efficiency through: With this said, Barpro has integrated an alternative solution for companies to plan for expansions as the need arises. This flexible option allows you to install mobile rails & mobile-ready racking to which mobile bases can be retrofitted when required at operating temperatures. Let’s look at a case study of one of our existing clients as an example: CASE STUDY A well-known meat wholesaler required additional space within their existing freezer facility. The 1700m² space had a capacity of approximately 1920 pallets on selective fixed racking. The objective of the project was to increase the pallet positions with a mobile racking solution. A new floor was installed together with 4 Barpro mobiles increasing the capacity to about 2555 pallets. 1: Supply and installation of rails and support stools on a new floor at the existing premises In this instance, the racks were installed on a new floor. Overlay floors on top of existing floors can also be considered. 2: Supply and installation of 4 mobile bases with wooden bumper protection & individual control system In 2023 the customer purchased 2 additional mobile bases to be installed on the existing rails at operating temperatures. This increased total capacity to approximately 2877 pallets. The potential pallet capacity of the store with 12 mobiles is 3983 pallets. Let Barpro provide you with a cost-effective solution to increase your storage capacity with our various options. Contact our sales team: CPT – 021 5529190 James Cunningham – Jonathan Dalton – JHB – 011 3920 1702 Robert Kershaw – DBN – 031 942 3200 Melanie Nargayya