Storax Ranger

Storax Ramada Ranger Shuttle launches in SA

Storax Ramada, our European principals, are market leaders with a versatile and successful shuttle system known as the Storax Ranger. As it is now tried and tested Ramada Storax have asked Barpro to market the Storax Ranger in South Africa. Barpro Storage has agreed to do so as the Storax Ranger is complementary to our range of mobile racking, which we’ve become so good at, having successfully implemented well over 200 systems in our more than 25 year history.

Ranger shuttle has sold many thousands across Europe, and we are now incorporating this as an important addition to our product line-up as a locally available offering, and we expect our first SA orders/installations very shortly.

Barpro Storage technicians will be trained in Europe on installation and maintenance, we will hold spares stock in SA, and we’ll be fully equipped to handle this exciting system quite soon.

Storax Ramada Ranger Shuttle launch

This system should receive serious consideration in any situation where drive-in might be considered – including forced cooling racks in the fruit industry – but also anywhere in an existing facility where greater capacity is needed (Shuttle is as space efficient as mobiles) but one doesn’t want to mess with an existing floor.

Storax Ramada Ranger Shuttle launch
Storax Ramada Ranger Barrel Storage

Shuttle is, of course, often an integral part of many fully automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), which we are also now able to offer through our European partners.

Storax Ramada Ranger Case Study: Automated Barrel Storage

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