Ramada STORAX article

Article from Ramada STORAX – LACTOGAL promises to remove 3,500 trucks from the road! The Ramada STORAX tells you how!

Ramada STORAX article – RAMADA STORAX, a company specialized in automated storage solutions, designed and built the new storage area of the Lactogal group in Modivas (Vila do Conde). With a covered area of about 6,800m2, the new fully automated structure has storage capacity for more than 26,000 pallets and promises to remove 3,500 trucks from the road.

Ramada STORAX articleThe project was born from a bold vision of the company Lactogal, which in partnership with RAMADA STORAX and Siemens Portugal, evolved from a project that would initially pass through a conventional shelf for a fully automatic solution and which today constitutes a market reference.


With a capacity of 60 pallets of entry / hour and 60 pallets output / hour, 150 new vehicles leave every day, equivalent to 4,000 pallets.

Ramada STORAX article

The structure has tunnels with a capacity for 90 pallets in depth, with eight levels of height, and the pallets are transported to the tunnels by shuttles Rangers – RAMADA STORAX. The installation of eight  machines operated via WiFi and an RFID localization system allowed the creation of a completely automatic structure, quite innovative and that made possible the realization of the Lactogal dream.





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