Mobile Racking extended

Mobile Racking extended to meet changing needs

Aquatic Foods was established in Cape Town more than 20 years ago to meet the growing demand by top hotels and restaurants for the finest seafood, sustainably and responsibly sourced both locally and internationally.

By 2010 personalised and expert service to the hospitality industry had led to business success, and such growth that a new dedicated freezer store was needed for their wide and varied product range.


At planning stage the concept of mobile racking was introduced as a means of making maximum use of the size of freezer being considered. However, the installation of the full mobile system as proposed by Barpro/Storax would be fairly expensive and would needlessly provide far more accommodation for palletised frozen fish and allied products than would be initially required.


Nonetheless, Managing Director Michael Niese was wisely considering the future when he made the decision to install into the new floor only the rails required for the full system of mobile racking, but equipped the store with just the conventional fixed racking as Phase One of the fit-out.

This provided storage for somewhat over 700 pallets; but if and when mobile bases were added later this could increase two-fold to more than 1400 pallets, as Phase Two.


Aquatic had reached this growth point by late 2016, and plans were put in place to expand the freezer with the addition of the mobile bases and the extra racking needed. The bases were duly ordered from Barpro and shipped from Europe in time for installation at the end of June this year. The system was duly, and successfully, installed and commissioned during July.


Quotes Michael Niese It seemed perhaps a bit of a gamble at the time, but in retrospect I’m very glad we had the foresight to look ahead and invest in the installation of rails at the outset. This has enabled us to cope with the potential growth that has since manifested, and we can now move forward with freezer capacity nearly doubled, ensuring adequate storage space into the foreseeable future. Storax mobile racking has proved itself a sound investment in the future of our operation”.


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