NEW Walvis Bay Freezer Store

State-of-the-art Freezer Store in Walvis Bay

Above: Taken during the installation of their Storax mobile bases.

In 2015, Deep Catch Namibia Holdings, after involvement in cold storage over the last 10 years, considered building a new cold storage facility in Walvis Bay, to supplement the high storage demand for the catch of Atlantic fish and imports destined for Namibia, DRC, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


By the following year, decisions were made to go ahead with this ambitious project, with a freezer space spanning over 2,850 square meters and facilitating some 8,360 pallets of product in a bespoke Storax mobile racking system.


The racking extends 6 pallet slots high under a 12 meter ceiling. The system is equipped with Barpro’s Cascade control system, operated from RF transmitters in each reach truck, and further enabling features like auto-aisle clearance, night parking and auto light switching.


Group Operations Director, Hilko Marschall, elected to use a Freon refrigeration plant, somewhat unusual in a store this size, however considered the best option for their application. The facility uses other high tech technologies in heat exchange and energy recycling, in addition to implementing high speed automatic doors and air dehumidifiers to alleviate high humidity and ice build-up.


Building commenced in mid-2016, and commissioning of the plant was completed by the end of May 2017, with the first product being received early June.

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