How do they do it?

How do they do it? – An impeccable local fruit store

Barpro recently visited one of our clients, a fruit storage facility in Villiersdorp, for their annual Service Level Agreement (SLA) inspection. Their Storax mobile racking system was installed and commissioned by Barpro in 2013 and allows for a total capacity of 1920 fruit pallets with an additional 659 pallet locations on static racking.


Our technician, Mark Pearce, completed the inspection and could easily recognise the reasons for their impeccable housekeeping. Permanent staff who possess a sense of ownership of the store and equipment perform daily checks and clean-ups. Store managers have regular walkthroughs ensuring that all procedures are adhered to. Their forktruck drivers are trained so that even after 4 years of operation they have zero damage to their storage racking systems.

Their system still operating as it was from the first day of commissioning
Their system still operating as it was from the first day of commissioning

Another great benefit for them is that they have an ongoing Service Level Agreement with Barpro. This means that they are entitled to certain benefits allowing us to look after their mobiles and keep them running for years to come.


An overview and benefits of our Service Level Agreement include:

  • Maintenance service inspections that are done twice a year.
  • 24Hr telephonic support service
  • Significant reduction of unnecessary maintenance costs so long as any repairs are actioned after each inspection.
  • Limited unplanned downtime.
  • Up-to-date health and safety documentation for the mobile racking system in electronic format.
  • Identification and rectification of incorrect procedures which can cause downtime and damage down the line.

The operating and safety points our technicians report back to the client on, include:

  • Identifying additional training needs.
  • Are the safety features working.
  • Any damage to the mobile base structure
  • Electrical Systems
  • Wheels and Drives
  • Cleaning required around floor and rails
  • Housekeeping
  • Racking Superstructure (visual condition check)
  • Any overloading of the mobile bases.


Reports are sent to the client within 5 days of the inspection and include a 3 dimensional graphic illustration reflecting exact damage, if any, to the structural components.

Fortunately for our clients who require parts and spares, Barpro Cape Town produces a full range of spares which are available within 48-72 hours from order.

We provide our clients with not only trustworthy service but peace of mind in that we have them covered. Our mobile racking systems are there for the long haul.  – Unmatched Service

For more information on our SLA’s or to book an inspection contact us by completing the below form.

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