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What our clients think about Delf Freezer Wear

We recently requested 50 of our Delf clients to partake in a survey. We were curious about what they thought about Delf freezer wear and the service they’ve received from our team at Barpro.

What is Delf Freezer Wear?

It’s a range of cold store clothing, boots and gloves imported from the UK which have been produced to European health and safety standards. Delf freezer wear is tough and durable and has been proven to last up to 3 times longer than locally produced cold store PPE.

Why Delf?

Delf uses a polyester blend of hollow and solid fibres which traps air far more efficiently than other locally produced cold wear that simply restrict air movement in the fibre matting.

The human brain ceases to function effectively when the body’s core temperature is lowered by more than 0.5°C. With insufficient protection this can happen in as little as 10 minutes inside a cold room. Apart from physical discomfort and potential health problems, Delf garments keep cold store workers warmer for much longer therefore increasing productivity.

The responses we received from our clients were amazing!

  • Overall favourite features on Delf were narrowed down to quality of the material and overall warmth.
  • Top three favourite Delf items were the Delf Cocoon Freezer Jacket, Leather Palm Cold Store Glove and the Delf Cocoon Salopette.
Delf Cocoon Freezer Jacket (CC24)
Delf Cocoon Freezer Jacket (CC24)
Delf Leather-Palm Cold Store Glove (G01)
Delf Leather-Palm Cold Store Glove (G01)









New Delf Cacoon Salopette (CC26)
New Delf Cacoon Salopette (CC26)



  • All of the responders said that they would refer Delf to other cold storage workers.
  • Delf quality was rated as Excellent across the board.
  • When asking our clients how they would rate the service they have received from Barpro, they had this to say, “Great Service!”, “Friendly staff and very helpful”.


Klasie Postma, Owner of Pongola Cold Store in Pongola, KZN said, “Since our new freezer started up in November last year, we kitted our workers with Delf freezer clothing, and working at minus 25 degrees they can spend extended times in the freezer. The clothing is also durable and after many washes still looks new.”


“We at Kohler Safety would like to thank your team for the friendly service and quick response that we always get from your Company. As a buyer for cold storage I will always source the best quality at the best prices and we appreciate the sense of urgency which you display in your dealings with us.

Thank you once again for your never ending excellent service, good prices and good quality products when it comes to freezer wear.

Keep up the good work” – Lesley-Ann De Pao, KOHLER SAFETY


With the recent demand for Delf freezer wear, which have almost depleted our stock levels in both Cape Town and JHB, it’s clear why our clients choose Delf every time.

If you haven’t already enquired about our products or made your purchase contact us now:

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