Repairing non-Storax Mobile Racking Systems

Repairing non-Storax Mobile Racking Systems

In 2012, we were approached and asked to assist in mechanically repairing a mobile racking system in KZN which was not supplied by Barpro Storage. The system was originally installed in 2002 and after 10 years the entire mobile rack system from bases to racking needed extensive repairs and or replacement. Unfortunately for the client, their original supplier was no longer in operation so Barpro took on the challenge.


Manufacturing of 86 new guidewheel units and 258 side members started in February of 2012. Both the wheel units and side members were sprayed to the  colour of the original system. New guide rails were retrofitted which meant cutting into the existing floor, removing the damaged rail and installing new ones.

Dispatch of side members
Dispatch of side members


The racking superstructure required adjustments to suit the clients changing needs including higher loads and was supplied by Universal.

Within 3 months the client’s new system was fully operational.

A few years later we were approached to assist another client to repair their mobile racking system, supplied by the same source.


To date both repaired mobile systems have been reported to be fully operational and in perfectly good condition.

Should you need any repairs done to your mobile racking system, Storax or otherwise – Please give us a call.


You can contact Mike Vermeulen by email or 021 552 9190 for more information.

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