DELF PPE effect

Seeing is believing! – The DELF PPE effect

During August 2017, 17 pairs of our DELF zip up cold store boots were sold to a distributing company in JHB. This came after a sample presentation meeting our JHB Delf expert, had done at the clients premises.

Quality beats quantity.

This is particularly true of locally manufactured PPE freezer wear when compared to the Delf freezer wear range. I have found great success in allowing my clients, and potential business partners to see and feel the difference between the DELF range and local ranges. There are several locally manufactured PPE freezer wear suppliers on the South African market, but no other brand quite compares to DELF. We import the range from the UK, as agents, bringing the range directly to South African cold stores.  Allowing each freezer employee the comfort and warmth required to work at 100%.


Because our DELF products offer more versatility, higher productivity, and are designed to lock in body warmth with the thick insulation and sophisticated design, it is a no brainer that Delf freezer wear lasts longer – saving our valued client on short term PPE replacement overheads.


DELF products are fairly easy to maintain, cold washes preserve each garment, and to keep them functioning at full capacity.

Cocoon Delf Salopette (CC26)
Cocoon Delf Salopette (CC26)


As mentioned in our July 2017 newsletter article, DELF freezer wear should not be boiled. Temperatures higher than 40 degrees C can be extremely detrimental to the fabric and seams.






We are happy to welcome our new valued client on board. It has been a pleasure to bring warmth into your cold stores. Thank you for putting your trust in Barpro Storage to keep you warm!


Also included in our DELF range:

Delf Range available from Barpro Storage SA

Jackets – Salopettes – Heated Socks – Balaclavas – 

Leather Palm Gloves – Mittens – Lace up Boots


Contact Barpro to request a sample viewing and additional product information


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