The importance of having spares for your Storax mobile racking systems

Essential spares to keep your Storax Mobiles going

Having your Storax Mobiles inspected and serviced regularly will ensure that you will get optimum use and performance out of them.

Keeping essential spares for your mobile racking system on site is also important and holds a huge advantage in terms of reducing down time of the mobile rack system.

In attending to breakdowns at cold stores and establishing what the problem is, we often have to leave site to collect the necessary spares required to do the repairs. Needless to say that the additional time spent increases the repair cost, longer downtime of the mobiles, and impacting stock rotation and ability. We have also found that mobile safety is not getting the respect that it deserves. Safety devices are being bypassed or disconnected, and motor control gear gets overridden. Apart from being a totally unsafe act, it is the major cause of motors burning out. The standards for rack safety is very specific and must be adhered to at all times. We therefore strongly encourage you to maintain your system in a safe environment.

Some of the spares we suggest clients keep on their premises:

Storax mobile racking wheels
Storax mobile racking wheels
Storax mobile racking motor
Storax mobile racking motor










Remember; there is a reason why safety devices get fitted to mobile systems, and it is not to inflate the cost of the system. We want to encourage you to maintain your mobiles in such a way that it can be operated with confidence and not in fear of mishaps.


If you haven’t had your mobile system inspected recently, we ask that you will please consider doing so. Let’s get all those safety features up to standard again.

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