Storax Ranger stores spirits

Storax Ranger Stores Spirits

This article originally appeared in the Storax Newsletter which can be found here

Every Storax solution stands out for its innovative character and the ability to be customised to each customers need. This is particularly true with our RANGER system. Developed in-house, this semi-automated storage solution provides high density storage, speeds up productivity and eliminates in-rack damage common in drive-in racks.

One of the best examples of the adaptability of the RANGER system is demonstrated in this bespoke solution for one of worlds’ most famous manufacturers of spirits. “We won it by answering to a specification involving the development of a totally new solution” Francisco Vinals.

Storax pride ourselves on developing and modifying products to suit each and every customer.

  • RANGER system
  • Developed in-house
  • Fully customised
  • Innovative automated Barrel storage

Our systems store anything! Contact us to prove it:

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