E-Asset – Specialists in pallet rack design and structural integrity

South African warehouses are getting higher and average pallet weights heavier. Warehouse staff need more practical information and training on how to check on the safety of  their warehouse racking.

Given the increasing complexity of the racking itself, installers need to keep up to date with developments and on how to erect racking efficiently and safely.

Manufacturers of racking need access to design and production checks. In the medium term an independent manufacturing inspection service could improve manufacturing standards.

Rack repair companies need training in how to assess and repair existing racking safely.

These are all pressing needs in South Africa. E-Asset, featured below,  has the experience and qualified personnel to assist.


E-Asset is an engineering asset management company which specialises in pallet racking design, structural integrity inspections and training of racking manufacturing companies as well as warehouse management.

Some of our latest collaborations include the University of Stellenbosch and the South African Institute of Steel Construction (SAISC), for example:

The University of Stellenbosch:

The awareness generated with regards to the operational control of structural integrity of pallet racking and its role in effective and safe asset management has seen E-Asset collaborating with the University of Stellenbosch in terms of research and intellectual contributions for presentation at South African Asset Management conferences and accredited future publications.


The lack of applicable South African standards and awareness is iterated by the South African Institute of Steel Construction (SAISC), and since 2014 E-Asset, together with SAISC and independent engineering consultants initiated a journey to formalise design, manufacturing standards and to educate the end-user of the racking in South Africa.

E-Asset offers industry the following services:

Racking Project Management

  • Specification and client requirements
  • Warehouse development
  • Structural design of racking systems
  • Tender evaluation and vendor selection
  • System and material selection
  • Racking manufacture and installation


The following racking projects have been successfully completed in the past 2 years:

  • Rehabilitation and strengthening of the racking to suit new loading requirements at Value Logistics (various warehouses)
  • Design and installation sign off of the drive-in rack for WBHO – June 2017
  • Design of the racking for Value Logistics and Freightpack – countrywide
  • Design audit and rehabilitation and strengthening of the racking at Hala group
  • Design of the various racks and tests of the racking members to determine the loading capacity for KKshelving (continues)
  • Design of the various racks and tests of the racking members to determine the loading capacity

Asset Management

  • Knowledge gap analysis
  • Previous failure analysis review
  • Prevention and mitigation measures
  • Threat identification (asset segments are evaluated to identify threats of concerns to the asset and to assess risk)
  • Management of change (review, alterations and repairs, as well as the impact of operational changes)
  • Ensure adoption of best-in-class practices (for corrosion circuits, damage frequency, rates of decay, critical operating parameters, mitigation techniques, condition monitoring and inspections)
Easset Engineering Asset Management- Racking is thoroughly inspected to identify threats and concerns
Easset Engineering Asset Management –
Racking is thoroughly inspected to identify threats and concerns

















The following projects have been completed or in a process:

  • Structural integrity assessment of the steel and concrete structures for Value logistics. (continues)
  • Structural integrity assessment of the steel and concrete structures for Omnia.
  • Evaluation and adjudication of the racking tender for Hala group and Value Logistics (on going)


  • Specific details with regards to design and structural integrity of the pallet racking
  • Inspection of installations
  • Racking installers – based on SEMA and FEM
  • Warehouse management training
  • Recognition of deterioration mechanisms and condition categories

Structural integrity inspection and evaluation of the current racking installations training has been provided to companies including Anglo American, DHL South Africa and Value Logistics.

We have also recently done installation tolerance training with Hala Group (Saudi Arabia).


Anna Kosinskaya - Managing Member at Easset Engineering Asset ManagementFor more information please contact Anna Kosinskaya, Managing Member at E-Asset Engineering Asset Management

Tel: +27 82 433 3613 

E-mail: anna@easset.co.za



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