South Africa’s Francois Smith impresses

South Africa’s Francois Smith impresses in California

Earlier this year Francois Smith, Logistics Manager at Sequence Logistics in Hammersdale, won the prestigious Tony Lewis Cold Store Operator Award and got to compete for the Next Gen Award at the 2017 IARW-WFLO Convention held in Dana Point, California.


South Africa’s Francois Smith impressesFrancois was interviewed by John Ackermann for the Cold Link Africa and had this to say about his experience, “In total, there were about 800 delegates, many with their partners, and I met so many new people and was able to network among many experienced service providers in third-party distribution, cold storage warehousing, and in-house cold store operations,” says Smith.




The presentations on automated warehouses, crane bulk picking, and distribution were of particular interest. “What caught my imagination was the online shopping and it was said that the next step would be the home delivery of household groceries by drone,” he says.

Read more about his experience and participation in the Next Gen Award competition, here

Sequence Logistics uses Storax mobile racking to optimise storage space in their cold store!

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