Gregory Rodriques - A South African Cold Storage Legend

Gregory Rodriques – South African Cold Storage Legend

Greg joined I&J as a laborer in 1970. In 1976 he assisted Valentino Engineering when they undertook a major refrigeration refit at I&J’s Diep River Cold Store. During this time Greg learnt to overhaul Grasso compressors and learning about the operation of ammonia refrigeration systems from Valentino Engineering’s and the late Ugo Spetto. Greg then became Diep River Cold Store’s refrigeration technician. After this cold store was closed in 2000 Greg moved to I&J Distribution’s Bellville flagship branch again as the refrigeration technician. I&J Distribution has since been purchased by Rainbow Chickens and is now, of course, known as Vector Logistics.

During his career, Greg has worked with 8 refrigeration engineers and has been on call out standby for over 40 years. His current duties include servicing compressors, liquid pumps, cold store racking and anything else that needs attention. As I found out during my time at I&J in the 1990’s, a more reliable, diligent and pro-active refrigeration technician does not exist.

Today Greg takes pride in his current position at Vector as Maintenance Technician and says that he owes a great deal of gratitude to Vector Logistics for the opportunities they have given him. 


When Greg isn’t patrolling his Bellville plant and taking care of its every need, he can be found fishing on Kalk Bay’s harbor wall or in the Newlands Rugby stands. His wife Debbie, now retired, has been huge support to Greg over the years (despite the call outs), and they now have one grandchild.

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