Happy Customer at Chill Out (Ola)

Happy Customer at Chill Out (Ola)

Following up on our recent article about considerations when planning a coldstore, Uli Schmidt, owner and founder of Chill Out Group – for whom we completed a mobile rack installation at the beginning of this year – made the following comments back to us on Linked-In.


“Thanks James for encouraging this chat. As I just finished my second new facility, a lot has changed since my first installation. Cannot agree more, and emphasize the importance of the floor of any freezer room. For me the choice between static racking and mobile racking makes the correct floor application so critical. Elated to have used Barpro for my mobile racking. Choice of racking further affects refrigeration plant, so important to carefully choose here. I further believe planning and collaboration with all parties, that is, builder/engineer/refrigeration/racking/local planning council- at times ‘challenging’ to coordinate however worth it the end. Happy to recommend any of the above team players, they did a sterling job.”

Thank you, Uli, for your valued input, and for your encouraging words. Always great to have more happy customers.

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