About us

Original Barpo Group building in Bromsgrove, UK

The origin of Barpro Storage SA goes back to Bromsgrove in the late ’60s where an innovative engineering company called Barpro, was forced to think outside the conventional racking box. The mobile solution they designed & installed to overcome their own warehousing constraints laid the foundation for what is now the world-leading mobile storage solution: STORAX.

Following the success of that first installation, Barpro expanded STORAX into other applications. It became the mobile racking system of choice for British European ambient cold-storage warehouses, arrived in SA in the early 1990s. Lusitania’s Hermanus cold store was the first local installation in 1991, Followed by Commercial Cold Cold Storage, Duncan Dock. By 1996 there were 34 STORAX systems in operation throughout South Africa.

With such an obvious demand for STORAX in the country, the Barpro Group decided to start a local subsidiary. Barpro Storage SA (Pty) Ltd. was founded in 1996 & tasked with providing local sales & support for STORAX solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa, ensuring the same level of quality & service as their international founders.

In 2001, the Barpro Group sold the STORAX business, excluding Barpro Storage SA, to F. Ramada, a Portuguese engineering conglomerate, but Barpro Storage SA remained the official STORAX agent for Sub-Saharan Africa & the Indian Oceana Islands. Barpro Storage is still independently owned & managed.

To this day, Barpro Storage SA maintains the same core principles: innovative, solution-driven designs, comprehensive & trustworthy service, & top-quality manufacturing & installations that stands the test of time.

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