How to prevent cold store panel damage

Prevent cold store panel damage- We recently received a query on how to fix up scratches and dents to paneling in a cold store.

The answers are quite simple.

If the scratches, bumps or perforations are on the outside of the store, a bit of filler could repair the outside panel skin and a local car panel spray painter could match the colour.

If it is in the freezer, then it would be better to cover any deep impacts or perforations with a chromadek patch (available from Intastor, Cape Town).  If it is just a scratch, the panel shop should be able to assist with a spray but it’s not recommended as the additives will stay in the store.  Some touch up paint would be safer.  However do a little at a time as you don’t want a smell from the paint lingering.

The best way to prevent damage to the inside panels of cold stores is to ensure kerbs have been included as part of your cold store design.

Prevent cold store panel damage


Two different design options for kerbs

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