Mesh grid special

Mesh grid special – buy now before the steel price increase!

With steel prices set to increase up to 10% during September, Barpro has obtained the following commitment from our local supplier on the pricing of mesh grids so long as they are ordered before end September and delivered before end October.


Mesh grids are an alternative to pallet support bars and provide increased support to pallets. They can also provide personnel protection under cantilever racks. Mesh grids work particularly well with most types of plastic pallet which can get brittle in cold temperatures as well as having a tendency to slip off load beams.


The two mesh grid types available are as follows:

1000mm entry by 1100mms deep with 40mm overhangs front and back.

1.  5mm wire mesh both ways with 2mm thick steel stiffening braces: R275 excluding VAT and excluding delivery from Cape Town. To suit up to 1000kg pallets. Grid weight 13kgs

2.  5mm by 6mm wire mesh with 2.6mm thick steel stiffening braces: R300 each excluding VAT and excluding delivery from Cape Town. To suit up to 1200kg pallets plus. Grid weight 15kgs.


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