screw bolts

Australian racking industry moving to screw bolts

Impact damage to pallet racking systems is a regular occurrence given the demands placed on forklift drivers for fast product throughput, not to mention the rare mishap of driver negligence.


Rack floor fixings are typically mechanical and chemset types, of which mechanical expanding sleeve anchors would be the most common. Continuous impact at the base of the racking upright causes loosening of mechanical anchors as the expansion mechanism of the fixing only covers a small amount of the embedment in the concrete. This continuous movement can also contribute to further damage & cracking of the concrete which leads to expensive concrete repair and potentially, a locally compromised rack structure.


The screw-bolt has become the most revolutionary mechanical fixing to be introduced in recent times and is showing increased acceptance in the Australian construction industry with a notable shift away from expansion anchors. The Blue-tip Screw Bolt is superior to sleeve anchors in both uplift and shear for a given anchor size. The threads cut into the concrete providing more grip which results in less chance of slip under a tensile load. The anchor has maximum shear area rather than reduced to fit inside the sleeve, resulting in higher shear strength. Australia has a wide variety of cyclone categories and with installations of engineered outdoor rack structures, the blue tip screw bolt has become the fixing of choice to accommodate the loads modelled in these extreme cyclone applications. The uptake of use in indoor applications is also increasing dramatically.


Anyone wanting more info can contact Sean Prosser – Sales Manager at APC Engineered Storage Solutions



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