UPDATE – Care Instructions for your DELF COLDWEAR!

We were notified by one of our clients about the reflector strip on a Delf Freezer jacket being damaged during washing. After an investigation it was determined that the cause was due to the jackets being boiled at extreme temperatures causing the reflector strip to deteriorate. We ask all our Delf Freezer Wear clients to please follow the correct washing methods and to not boil their garments to guaranty a longer life span.

– When not in use, store the product in a well-ventilated area away from extremes of temperature.
– Never place heavy items on top of it.
– If possible, avoid excessive folding and preferably store it hanging vertically.
– If the product is wet, allow it to dry fully before placing it into storage.
– Washing is to be recommended – dry-cleaning with solvents is not.
– Insulation may decrease with washing.
– Fully machine washable at 40’ Celsius.
– Do not bleach.
– Can be tumble dried – 60’ Celsius maximum.
– Do not iron.
– Do not dry clean.
– Please ensure that all zips and velcro fastenings are closed before washing and tumble drying.

Delf jacket washed by boiling
Delf jacket washed by boiling