Case Study – Eskort Limited Cold Store, Heidelberg

As part of a larger upgrade, Eskort Ltd in Heidelberg decided to increase their cold store capacity by installing Storax mobiles. With a building width of 32m, length of 20m and height of 9m they were  able to fit in under 600 pallets on static racking.

Using the building volume and the client’s  pallet specification, the Barpro design team tested different mobile  options to increase the useable capacity and  were able to achieve 1164 pallets, an increase of 94%.

The rails were laid at  ambient temperatures followed by the bases which were installed at temperatures of -24°C. Protected by Delf freezer wear, the installation was completed  on time and without causing any delays to the client’s tight schedule.

Divac were the design and consulting engineers, and the racking superstructure was installed by Acrow Racking and Shelving.

Maintenance Manager of Eskort Meats, Robert Stevens
Maintenance Manager of Eskort Meats, Robert Stevens