The negative aspects of using Storax gangways as storage areas

Critical to the design of any Storax system is the access gangway and moving aisles as these allow access to every pallet location.  When all the pallet locations are full, the question arises as to where additional stock can be stored.  As using the moving aisles for storage is clearly non-productive, there is a strong temptation to block stack pallets on the panel side of the gangway while leaving just enough space for reach trucks to access the moving aisles.

While this practice  solves the immediate problem, it often has negative repercussions, the most common being significant damage to the front guide wheel units of the Storax bases.  The Storax control boxes are also at risk as are the insulated panels behind the block stacked product.  Worse still, slightly “warm” block stacked  incoming product is unstable as the boxes expand slightly on refreezing  which can cause the stacked product to collapse onto the front of the mobile bases.  As the bases are not fixed to the ground they can be shunted backward through the rear wall of the freezer store.

One way of protecting the Storax bases is to retro fit Barpro’s popular wooden bumpers as these protect not just the wheel units but the control boxes as well.  Continuous block stacking in gangways however is a good indication that a freezer store expansion is required.













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