Motor repairs in Johannesburg

Motor repairs in Johannesburg
NEWS & MEDIA | 03 February 2017

Motor repairs in Johannesburg

Motor repairs in Johannesburg – Barpro’s Johannesburg branch are happy to quote on repairs to Storax motor gearboxes and pinions. Barpro clients now have the option of getting motor gearboxes repaired with a warranty at a fraction of the cost of a new one. Since starting the programme last September, almost 30 motor gear boxes have been successfully overhauled.


Upon receipt, a proper strip and quote is done. The scope of repair is then communicated to the client for approval. When the unit is uneconomical to repair, it gets sent back to the client. A typical scope of repair can include the following components:

  •           Stator
  •           Pinion
  •           Brake rectifier
  •           Mechanical seal
  •           Gaskets
  •           Gearbox casing
  •           Gearbox output shaft
  •           Motor / gearbox adapter ring


On receiving client approval, the motor is repaired and sprayed to the original colour. Repaired motors are as ‘good as new’. A comprehensive track and trace system has also been introduced.


Our turnaround time is under a week and you can have your mobiles running in no time. Of course it is always good practice to have a spare motor at hand.  At a 60 – 75 % saving in cost clients should consider sending any broken motors for repair.

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