Close freezer store doors

Close your freezer store doors during stock take

Above: A Storax mobile base close to an entrance of a freezer store. The ice build up occurred over a period of time. 

When taking stock in a freezer store it is common practice to turn off the evaporator fans and leave the door(s) open. This provides more comfort for the stock takers but causes another problem in mobile racked stores.

When air humidity is high, the warm moist air enters the cold room door as the dry but relatively heavy cold air flows out at the bottom. With the fans off the moisture in the air tends to move to the coldest place it can find which is the racking and the floor. Steel mobile racking wheels have a sufficient co-efficient of friction with the steel rails in the floor to move even when heavily loaded.

Common Practice vs Logic, Freezer Store Door
Close your cold store doors when doing stocks take to prevent ice build formation

However add just a few microns of ice and the situation changes resulting in the wheels turning but mobile base not moving.

In serious cases the solution is to scrape the rails with wire brushes, especially those which support driven wheels so as to provide the necessary traction. This is a frustrating exercise but if one closes the door, turns on the fans and runs the refrigeration system with a low suction pressure the mobiles will probably move more easily the next day. This happens because the thin ice sheet on the floor sublimates to the evaporators via the moving air as they will now be colder than the floor.

But it’s better to keep the door closed even while stock takers are inside.

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