Vector Peninsula uses i-Smelt

Vector Peninsula uses i-Smelt

It’s a common phenomenon. All cold stores owners have encountered this issue.

Ice melt sales increase during the Cape winter and the Highveld summer being their respective rainy seasons.  I-Smelt can be used successfully to remove ice from both freezer doorways and inside freezer rooms.


I-Smelt only deals with the symptom of a far bigger and more costly problem, namely moisture getting into freezer stores. While some moisture will end up as ice in the doorways, even more will build up on the evaporator fins making the refrigeration system inefficient and requiring multiple expensive defrosts.

Here, fitting high speed doors and/or dehumidifiers can be a remarkably cost effective decision.


Beat Ice build-up in cold stores
Gregory Rodriques, Maintenance Technician, Vector Logistics


On the other hand Gregory Rodriques, pictured left, now uses I-Smelt to control ice in his evaporator drip trays. Gregory has been a foundation of the Cape’s refrigeration industry for almost 50 years.  He is the Maintenance Technician at Vector Peninsula and can be contacted on 021 9597000






Beat Ice build-up in cold stores by purchasing I-Smelt NOW:

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