Tru Bilt – docking and container loading solutions

Attending the RWTA conference in Noosa, Queensland in September, James Cunningham met representatives of Tru Bilt, a New Zealand company that specializes in docking and container loading solutions. While South Africa has a number of companies that offer similar products, Tru Bilt showed pictures of an installation they had recently completed in Walvis Bay, for a company that has also installed Storax mobile racking. In this application, refrigerated containers are placed on the ground and loaded with full cold chain protection.


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The containers, once loaded, can be moved via container handlers, truck mounted hoists or by lifting them with corner jacks (watch video here) and reversing a trailer underneath. The pros and cons of ground loading when compared to a raised docking area deserve serious attention.


For more details contact Mark Taylor at Tru-Bilt Industries on or 0800 144 999