Storax mobile racking

New cold storage facility – Supreme Poultry, Mafikeng

One of the largest producers of chicken in South Africa, Supreme Poultry, shows off their brand new holding room in Mafikeng. The decision wasn’t taken lightly and all angles of expanding the facility were carefully considered. This off course came as a result of not having enough room in the existing freezer.


pallet racking suppliersSupreme opted for Barpro’s mobile racking because it is the best form of dense racking which provides the client with flexibility and access to every pallet making stock rotation easy. Total investment cost per pallet location is extremely cost effective.


With a combination of static and mobile racking, Supreme stores just over a 1000 pallets. However, Barpro has left enough room inside the freezer to add an additional mobile should the client wish to expand at a later stage. This mobile system comprises of 4 levels and a 3 level high rear cantilever. This is a non-automated system and is controlled by individual panels in front of every mobile. These bases can be moved with a handheld remote control, which enables fork lift drivers to comfortably stay inside the machine.


Wooden bumpers in front of every mobile form part of the protection of the whole system.
Wooden bumpers in front of every mobile form part of the protection of the whole system.


Although the facility is over 300km out of JHB, Barpro have a technical team to support the system. Like anything new, you have to understand the operation of the system and its safety devices to get the best results which covered in the training session provided on a Supervisor and Operator level. Barpro’s mobile systems are strong and reliable and they last a lifetime.

Barpro congratulate Supreme on this brand new investment and look forward to a long standing relationship.


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