heater mats cut cables

Cold Store staff cut power supply to the stores heater mat

Last week one of our technicians visited a client to inspect their mobile racking system. One of the items on our check list is to make sure that the heater mat, its cables and panel are working correctly.


The heater mat prevents water in the sub floor from freezing. “If ice forms under a freezer it pushes up the wearing slab and could negatively affect the operation of the mobiles. It is also very hard to reverse the process once there is ice under the floor. (Read more here)

heater mats cut cables

The functioning of the heater mat and the subfloor temperature should be checked and recorded weekly by cold store managers.

Many time we’ve come across cold store personnel who don’t know where to find the heater mat control panel or what its purpose is. In this instance the heater mat panel and cables had just been removed.


Keith Bell CooltecIf you’re a cold store manager unsure about whether your heater mat is functioning correctly or at all please contact Keith Bell of Cooltec on 076 441 5970 or cooltec@webafrica.org.za.







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