In the cold storage industry, total product volume increases as the business grows, requiring more storage space. Soutpansberg Koelkamers in Louis Trichardt identified that their warehouse storage capacity must increase to support operational requirements. Barpro Storage designed a solution with this in mind. Barpro spoke to Riaan Smit and Inus Steyn from Soutpansberg Koelkamers about the journey to a bigger freezer store.

Soutpansberg Koelkamers Warehouse

Soutpansberg Koelkamers Retail outlet located next to freezer store


Soutpansberg Koelkamers was established November 2nd in 1992 and has been trading for 30 years. It is based near the Soutpansberg Mountain range in Limpopo.  Soutpansberg Koelkamers are part of the BJ GROUP that, amongst other business interests, operates 9 other freezer stores.


  • You made a large investment in a cold store. Where did the need for this come from?

We had outgrown our previous facility and needed to expand holding capacities.

  • Once you knew you required a new freezer store. How did you decide on the type of racking system?

We needed to think about our expansion not only for our immediate needs but also for future requirements. Mobile racking and the design of our cold room played a big role in this decision.

  • Was your decision to invest in rails and mobile ready static racking your biggest decision?

Yes, we invested in a single cold room as opposed to multiple smaller cold-rooms. The option of adding mobiles in the future made sense. Rails & mobile ready racking was the best we option for our new cold room. When we eventually add the mobile racking, we will increase the holding capacity by +- 80%.

  • How did you know about Barpro? What was your reason for selecting Barpro as your Mobile Racking Service Provider for this project?

Pongola Cold Storage, one of the 9 freezer stores in the group did a similar upgrade of their facilities 4 years ago. Based on their experience, after sales service, and benefits; it only made business sense to partner up with a company we already have dealt with.

  • Did the project go the way you expected?

As with all projects of this scale you would always have a snag here and there, but overall, we are very satisfied.

  • What is the next stage for the freezer store?

The next phase is to add the mobile racking in the near future.

  • Were you happy with the service you received from Barpro?

Yes, the service and overall interaction was very professional.

  • You are using some interesting technology on your cold store, solar panels, real time digital temperature data from your heater mat / soil subfloor directly to your mobile and more. Do you care to share some of this with our readers?

Yes, we started our infrastructure upgrade in October 2020 with a 200 kw Solar roof top installation. We took necessary precautions with the design of the floor. We wanted to ensure that we do not encounter any loss of efficiency challenges in the long run. One of the precautions was to install a heater mat below the floor insulation to avoid any chance of frost heave.

  • In closing. No doubt there are challenges, but what is your feeling around the Cold Storage Supply Chain in your region.

To our knowledge, Soutpansberg is the only commercially sized Cold store so far north in Limpopo.

Special thanks to Soutpansberg Koelkamers for the interview. If you wish to know more about the freezer store and the establishment, you can contact:

Riaan Smit

Soutpansberg Koelkamers -18 Joubert Street

Louis Trichardt

015 516 1087