What is happening in the UK?

Thermal insulation methods were the topic of discussion in the most recent edition of the Global Chain News digital magazine in the UK. Thermal insulation keeps the cold temperatures in and the hot temperatures out. In this article the preservation method of bananas is discussed and the need to reduce banana wastage by preventing them from ripening too quickly. The latest designs of UK based company Seymour Manufacturing International’s Tempro thermal roll cage liners were tried and tested by Co-Op. Co-Op Food is a brand used for the food retail business of The Co-operative Group in the United Kingdom.

In the article Jill Seymor, director SMI states that the Tempro thermal roll cage covers, and liners offers enormous savings and benefits when transporting frozen, chilled or ambient products.

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“Products, such as the Co-Op liners, are tailor-made to specific customer requirements, and we have been working hard on refining our designs and trial tests for this project over many months.”  

But Thermal insulation pallet covers are now also available in South Africa.

The thermal pallet and Rolltainer covers are custom-made for use when transporting temperature sensitive goods to prevent temperature fluctuations and thus minimize losses and spoilage.  They are made from 4 layers of material that includes 2 outer protective layers as well as inner specialized foil and insulating layers. As they are custom-made, any pallet size and load heights can be accommodated with ease.  The covers are hygienic, lightweight to handle, easy to clean, re-usable and durable.  They have been successfully tried and tested in the marketplace with clients like Spar, Shoprite, Vector Logistics, Fresenius Kabi, Biovac, ZZ2, and SG Convenience, amongst others, who use them in their cold chains.


  • 4 Layer Thermal Pallet Covers 1.25m x 1.05m with 20/40 mm insulation.
  • 2 splits and priced according to the height from the top of the pallet to the top of the load

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