Should water tanks be a compulsory feature at all cold stores and warehouses? – Lutz Refrigeration responds

Rain water storage systems to supply evaporative cooling towers here in South Africa

We are proud to say that Lutz Refrigeration in collaboration with Barpro will be pioneering the use of rain water harvesting to supply the fridge plant at Southern Cold Storage’s new freezer rental storage facilities in Germiston Johannesburg.

The multiplex system will be cooling the 20 000m³ freezer room down to -25°C.  Opting for evaporative cooling with Freon is very much against the grain, but by doing this we managed to keep the capital costs in a standard Freon league while competing neck and neck with Ammonia plants on energy efficiency.

Initially we will be installing 20m³ of water storage facilities which will offer two days of standby water capacity and will require a 20mm rainfall to be topped up.  Judging from historical rain falls and a bit of field testing we will probably increase that to around 40m³ once the system is up and running.

The freezer store rooms are scheduled for commissioning during November this year, we will follow up with photos and feedback once the system is up and running.

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Southern Cold Store and Lutz Refrigeration
Southern Cold Store and Lutz Refrigeration