DID YOU KNOW – Storax can withstand earthquakes !

In February 2010 an earthquake measuring 8.8 on the Richter scale hit Fruiticola Olmué, a fruit processing company in Chile, South America. Fruiticola had a Storax system installed holding over 2 300 pallets and remained unaffected.

Following the tragic events, Fruiticola’s owner Max Hassler wrote to the then Managing Director of Storax – Ken Jones. He said: “I write to you in acknowledgement of the quality of the system installed in our plant in Chillan.  We had only very minor damage, a small purchase order is being made, and the system remained operational once we could get to it after the events here in Chile.  We are located less than one hundred kilometres from the epicentre of this very large quake.”

Two years after the quake Fruiticola Olmué installed their 2nd Storax mobile system with a hold capacity of 7,850 pallets.  Storax mobiles installed in seismic areas have additional features which increase base stability.

For the full story visit: http://warehousenews.co.uk/2012/03/storax-racking-systems-unshakeable/