Remodelling MFT Cold Store

Remodelling the MFT Cold Store in Durban

“Since acquiring the MFT facility in 2016, we set out with a purpose to overhaul the business, leveraging off the multimodal nature of the site to service the conventional and containerised, commercial and cold treatment export markets.


The make-over called for an experienced and dedicated team, significant investment to the facility, seeing the upgrade, automation and modernisation of plant, injection of a new handling fleet and remedial work to infrastructure.


Gradual settlement of reclaimed layers on the harbour’s edge caused deflection of up to 70mm in surface areas, and failure of our aged mobile racking system as a result. Conventional engineering solutions called for the demolition of concrete surfaces, piling to bedrock, replacement of mobile rails and slab in the process. A time consuming and very costly solution, which was simply, not viable.


In exploring alternate solutions, MFT turned to Uretek and Barpro. Uretek’s non disruptive ground leveling solution, making use of a polymer injected under the concrete slab, cost effectively stabilised base layers while relevelling the top surface, allowing rails and concrete to remain in-situ. This innovative solution presented a massive cost reduction and surveyed at the same levels as post repair, 6 months and nearly 100 000 pallet movements later.


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Barpro in turn, was able to remodel the room layout, generating an additional 770 pallet positions in the process, while using the existing rails.  The team at Barpro effectively project managed the solution; co-ordinating floor levelling, minor civil works and racking upgrade, while themselves installing additional bases, overhauling existing, replacing and upgrading bearings, drives and control equipment.


The project was concluded on time and importantly on budget. Pallet positions have turned weekly from the start of our export period, with the system seamlessly carrying in excess of 120 000 tons over this time.


It was a pleasure to pioneer and successfully deliver this unique remedial solution with the two very professional companies we had on board.”


– Ben Marais, Head of Operations (Apli Africa)

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