Relocation of Storax mobiles at Maydon Wharf Port Terminal

NEWS & MEDIA | 25 June 2019

Relocation of Storax mobiles at Maydon Wharf Port Terminal

A demand for increased storage capacity came at a crucial time for Maydon Wharf Port Terminal, located in Durban. As the Citrus Import and Export seasonal demand continued to grow, so did the requirement for additional storage space at MPT.


This was rather urgent and installation had to occur rather quickly. Fortunately for MPT the installation process could be streamlined as they already had 7 STORAX bases and racking thereof in storage, which had previously been relocated from Cape Town to Durban.


WhatsApp Image 2019-06-12 at 09.07.19


The stored units would allow our experienced installations team to continue with the installation of the relocated bases and racking, whilst the additional 6 new STORAX bases were en route from the UK.


The existing cold room, housing Drive In racking, would be modified to accommodate the mobile racking storage system. Once the Drive-in racking had been removed, an overlay floor was poured upon the successful installation and accurate levelling of the Storax rails had been completed by the Barpro installations team.


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Barpro Storage working alongside the likes of Bruce Stott’s, Racking and Shelving specialist crew, were able to install the 13 Storax mobile bases and racking in excellent time. The new cold room allows for a TOTAL storage capacity of 1774 pallets in the 31.2m x 39.7m cold room. 1612 pallets weighing up to 1500kgs each could be positioned on the mobile bases and an additional 162 pallets on the static racking.

A job well done and special thank you to all the MPT crew and their assistance throughout the installation.

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