Potential Energy Saving Solutions

We attach topics with links to three articles that have appeared recently and illustrate how the cold storage industry is cutting down on CO2 emissions and reducing energy costs.


The articles discuss hydro cooling units supplied by Thermo King and installed at Blakemore Logistics in the UK. The second details savings made by a Wakefield Cold Storage company using an energy management system supplied by Star Technical Solutions.

Finally, Viking Cold Storage Solutions has reduced energy consumption at Dreisbach Enterprises in the US by more than 40% using phase change materials in conjunction with their intelligent control system. The phase change materials are easy to install and could be designed for mobile racking.


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“Blakemore Logistics Opts For Hybrid Refrigeration”

“The Thermo King SLXi is the first hybrid unit on the market, offering the advantages of diesel and electric power.

Blakemore worked in partnership with Gray & Adams to design and install BlueSeal air curtains, designed to improve temperature regulation during regular unloading, so reducing food wastage.

Dave Higgs, logistics compliance manager, Blakemore, said: “The purchase of the hybrid technology, together with the trailer re-design in collaboration with Gray & Adams, further demonstrates Blakemore Logistics’ commitment to responsible business. The hybrid trailer units cut emissions by over 90% and will enable us to deliver into restricted emission zones with ease.”


“Case Study: Warehouse Drops Consumption 43% and Peak Demand 29% for 13 Hours”

“Viking Cold Solutions, Inc. conducted a Measurement and Verification (M&V) study of its thermal energy storage (TES) technology installed in Dreisbach Enterprises’ 93,000 square foot low-temperature cold storage warehouse in Richmond, CA. The objectives of the M&V study were to determine the effectiveness of TES on energy efficiency and temperature stability with an ammonia-based refrigeration system.

The utility rate plan for this facility includes increased pricing for kWh consumption and peak kW demand during a 13-hour peak period (8:30 am to 9:30 pm) Monday through Friday that accounts for nearly 50% of the annual energy costs at the Dreisbach facility.”


“Energy Management System Ethos Advises the Ice Co Storage & Logistics on £100,000 a Year of Energy Savings”

“Using their refrigeration expertise, Star Technical Solutions have developed Ethos, a performance optimisation and energy management service for refrigeration equipment, to allow companies like The Ice Co Storage & Logistics to understand the energy consumption of different sections of their plant, alter plant settings to optimise that consumption and look out for, and anticipate, plant maintenance issues.

As part of the J Marr group of companies, The Ice Co Storage & Logistics is the leading manufacturer of quality ice and water products, temperature controlled storage and distribution, with brands that are internationally recognised as the product of choice.

Malcolm Dufton, The Ice Co Group Property and Energy Director said “We knew there were savings to be had but Ethos has allowed us to identify where those savings could be made and how. The result over £100,000 saving per annum on electricity, so now we are going to incorporate more plant into the network and roll out the program to our other plants and cold stores.”


Barpro would be delighted to assist any cold store who wanted to provide the technology in South Africa.

As South African energy costs continue to rise local cold stores should be prioritising projects such as these outlined above.