Thermal Pallet Covers supplied by Power Plastics

Possibly because Barpro markets Delf Freezer Wear we have been receiving inquiries for insulated pallet covers, which allow pallets of frozen and chilled product to be transported without the need for a refrigerated vehicle.


Obviously a lot depends on the specific cold chain requirements, but insulated pallet covers are popular in both Europe and the US, where they are manufactured by companies such as Cooliner and Suretemp.


Thermal Pallet Cover


While researching suppliers for a local client I was delighted to discover that a Cape Town company, Power Plastics, is manufacturing reusable thermal pallet covers. Power Plastics make for most common sizes and heights of pallet, and also supply insulation for between the wooden pallet base and the product. Thicker 40mm insulation is used for frozen while chill products can use 20mms. A silver reflective layer next to the product is easily cleaned, and the covers are fastened with Velcro.


Price wise, which depends largely on pallet height, you are looking at between R1200.00 to R1600.00 each, although I’m sure there are quantity discounts.


Your contact at Power Plastics is Roger McCallum. His email is and his number is 021 703 5880