In previous newsletters we discussed the topics of rack safety awareness.

Barpro storage SA offers an in-depth industry aligned rack safety awareness training program which couples with our rack safety inspection tool. Our rack safety training program is headed up by our  in-house SEMA registered, Barri-Leon Malherbe rack safety specialist who has over 20 years of experience within the industry. Not only does our rack safety specialist lead the training further he advises on the required racking spares for your cold store or facility.

To bring rack safety awareness to the Southern African warehouses and cold stores, we have held training sessions & inspections in South Africa & Namibia.

In Namibia Barri-Leon held training courses & completed inspections at Barpro’s existing client base.

The training took place between the 16th of September and 29th September 2022.

Our rack safety awareness program emphases the need for training and what tools can be used within the process in order to aid in identifying rack damage to uprights, bracings, and allowable beam deflections. The training was appreciated by our clients.

Through rack safety awareness training programs, we aim to educate our clients regarding the following:

  • The need for regular rack inspections
  • Why rack collapses must be avoided at all costs
  • Frequency and types of inspections, responsibilities of suppliers and users
  • Racking/Components and the role they play
  • How to use the Barpro Rack Inspection tool to complete inspections
  • Completing the paperwork, collating and record keeping

For more information on Rack Inspections, rack safety Awareness training and Pallet spares please contact our Barpro Storage Inspector: