Production expansion through sustainable energy and storage solutions at Euroberry

Euroberry (Pty) Ltd is an importer and wholesaler of frozen fruits to the South African market and expanded to source local fresh fruits for freezing and exports worldwide for more than 20 years. To continue their successful existence in the trade, Euroberry has upgraded its’ storage facilities with various applications to ensure the longevity and freshness of their products i.e.,

Oxygen reduction system

The systems were designed and installed by FX-Prevent B.V. (represented in South Africa by Nitro-Gen (Pty) Ltd and to our knowledge is one of the first such in any freezer in South Africa.


The system works by sucking in and compressing outside air, drying and cleaning it, removing the oxygen
from it leaving almost pure nitrogen, and then blowing this Nitrogen rich air into the freezer. The system then carefully and sensitively monitors the air in the freezer and gradually pumps in nitrogen as required to maintain the required balance.

Solar panel

Euroberry committed to sustainability with the installation of a 250kW solar panel system which further cuts down their electricity usage and saves 200 tons of carbon dioxide every year.

Mobile racking system

Barpro Storage has been the supplier of choice since the first successful installation in 2017. Mobile racking provides maximum utilization of the warehouse space whilst allowing an increase of up to 80% in storage.

In this article, the focus is on the mobile racking project. It was initiated on a three-phased approach which made it cost-effective for the Managing Director, Marc Van Nes. With the installation of the rails for the 3 rooms in phase 1, the concept allowed additional mobile racking bases to be added as the storage facilities requirements increased.

The 3 Phases (Individual control system)

 Phase 1 (2017):

  • Installation of Rails, mobile bases, racking and automation
  • Storage capacity:            – 1856 pallets on mobiles

                                              – 944 on static racking

                                             – Further 150 drum pallet locations added

Phase 2 (2020):

  • Installation of 2 additional mobile bases, racking and automation
  • Storage capacity:              456 pallets on mobiles

    The storage capacity increased by 228 pallets

Phase 3 (2021):

  • Installation of 4 additional mobile bases, racking and automation
  • Storage capacity:              – 2508 on mobiles

                                               – 410 on static racking

The Racking Superstructure that goes onto the mobile bases for phases 1- 3, was installed by Southern Storage Solutions (Pty) Ltd (Dexion).


Marc Van Nes, Managing Director of Euroberry, is delighted with the way in which the project was handled by all involved.

“This could have been a far more painful and complex operation that it has turned out to
be. Careful planning with a team of selected specialists has resulted in an admirable level of teamwork and co-operation – and this has enabled us to keep on schedule with hardly any hitches.”

For more information please contact:

James Cunningham – +2721 5529190