New Pongola Cold Storage facility, Pongola cold store

New Pongola Cold Storage Facility

Being in the very North of Kwa-Zulu Natal and right on the Swazi border, one can argue that Pongola is closer to Johannesburg than it is to Durban. But, with over 50km2 of subtropical fruit orchards and sugar cane, the Pongola valley is something of a hidden gem, supplied by the Pongolapoort dam, the only place in South Africa where tiger fish can be caught. Pongola’s development was boosted by RA Rouillard, a Mauritian who arrived in the area to mine gold in 1909, and, sensing the agricultural potential, stayed to farm.


Now a bustling town, Pongola has its own cold store owned and managed by Klasie Postma. When the existing freezer rooms ran out of space he decided to partially demolish the neighboring premises and build a new store with Storax mobile racking for 500 pallets in an area of 388m2 at minus 25 degrees C. Assisted by the Durban based engineering and project managing company DDRA, the project took six months to complete with the official opening which took place on place 18th November 2017.


New Pongola Cold Storage Facility, Klasie
Klasie Postma standing in front of his Storax mobile racking at the opening of the Pongola Cold Storage facility


Klasie had this to say about his store and mobile racking system

“I want to commend Barpro Storage for their professional and helpful staff, from sales to the installation team, for the manner they managed this project. Being out in the remote country planning, logistics and installation must be orchestrated perfectly. The warehouse is in operation now, just in time for the busy season and is making our life a lot easier than before. Thank you James and your team for a good job done.”


Barpro Storage wishes Klasie, his General Manager, Nic Sullivan and warehouse manager, Ben Nel everything of the best.



30 Klasie Havenga Street,
South Africa Tel: 034 413 2813

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