Case Study – Laser Transport, Johannesburg

In 1998, Barpro installed 3 cantilevered Storax mobile bases in the Midrand warehouse of AGS Frasers International, the International Removals Group. This was a first for Barpro Storage SA and special care was taken to make sure that all types of cars could be accommodated in the 84 positions.  In 2011 it was decided to move these bases to a bigger warehouse, lengthen them and add an additional three bases. Fixed racking was also installed to increase the storage capacity to 312 cars. While the original cantilevered Storax bases can carry cars of up to 7m long and weighing 2500kgs, the new racked bases supplied by Acrow Racking & Shelving have a bay pitch of 5600mm. The carrying weights are the same. The cars drive onto skids which are then put away in the racks by a 3.5ton counterbalance forklift. They are stacked on three levels in the warehouse. 

The then logistics manager, Cullen Smith, stated that working with Barpro has been a pleasure from the outset and that Barpro delivered on time and within budget. He said, “The newly designed mobiles have added value to our product offering and streamlined our operations.”

Laser Transport, Johannesburg - Storax Mobiles Racking Installed by Barpro Storage SA
AGS Fraser – Division of Laser Transport