How do I keep broken pallets and other items from falling in between the mobile base units?

The first issue you need to address is to look at the quality of the pallet being used within the store?  Any pallets that look as though they are about to fall apart should be removed from the room and be repaired or replaced.  The other option available is to make use of mesh decks.  Mesh decks have 2 important functions, which are described below:

Mesh decks covering the mobile base
Mesh decks covering the mobile base

1. Base protection:

A mesh deck can be placed on the mobile to stop any product, broken pallet pieces and other objects falling in between the base structure.  This protects the components within the base structure and reduces technical problems.








Mesh decks used on a cantilever
Mesh decks used on a cantilever to protect employees working below




2. Employee protection:

Placing mesh decks on the bottom level of cantilever racking ensures that no lose product will fall on persons walking under the cantilever racking.











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