Overloading STORAX Mobiles

Storax mobiles have been designed to operate safely with pallets of a certain weight. This weight is clearly stated on the final drawings and is calculated as the total allowable weight per base which is on the mobile signage.


In the last year or so imports of mechanically deboned chicken and other similar products into South Africa have increased dramatically.  This product is relatively dense and the pallets can easily weigh 1200kgs gross when previously the maximum weight for the same height of pallet would have been 1000kgs.


In a Storax system, this represents a 20% overweight per mobile base. The racking beams and frames are similarly overloaded, making the Storax system unsafe.

Indications of overloading include bearing failures. With the load beams you will notice increased beam flexing and possibly twisting.


Please check your Storax mobiles and make sure that they are not overloaded. We do have rack testing tools in stock which can be used to measure load beam flex. If you are uncertain regarding permissible pallet weights please get in touch and we will confirm the gross pallet weight(s) for which the system was designed.


If the pallets are overweight there are several solutions depending on each situation and the weights involved.  The simplest solution being to store 2 pallets in a 3 pallet bay and one pallet in a 2 pallet bay. This will reduce store capacity, but the safety of the Storax mobiles will be maintained.