Mechanical Trip Bars

It’s the end of the road for Mechanical Trip Bars

Pictured: Old Mechanical Trip Bar


When we started installing Storax mobiles in South Africa in 1992 one of the primary safety devices to stop the mobile bases was the mechanical trip bar which ran full length on both sides of each base. Storax systems installed after 2006 were equipped with  retractable PE trip bars and Storax systems installed in the last two years have the new fixed PE brackets which can also be retrofitted on the older systems which previously used mechanical trip bars.


Retractable PE tripbar
Retractable PE Tripbar



Retrofit PE Tripbar
Retrofit PE Tripbar


The trip bar material is specially rolled for Barpro and, with the recent price increases, the cost per meter has more than doubled in the past year. The supplier now expects Barpro to order 1.6 kilometers at a time in order to make the rolling process cost effective. Barpro cannot afford to have such levels of stock on hand as mechanical trip bar material moves slowly.

Unfortunately, Barpro will no longer be able to keep mechanical trip bar material in stock. Customers whose Storax systems still have mechanical trip bars can either retrofit the fixed PE trips in to or retrofit one or 2 moving aisles and then use any usable trip bar material recovered to repair the rest of the Storax bases.

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