Drum Storage

Barpro mobiles can store almost anything. From cantilever racking to store cars to drums that store fruit. Normal unit loads consist of cases packed on wooden pallets. Mobile racking can store drum pallets, which are normally 1200 by 1200mms.

The normal storage method is to block stack the drum pallets four or five in the height. This makes great use of the storage volume especially in fruit concentrate freezer stores. But if the drum pallets are stored any higher the bottom drum pallet can collapse under the weight. The problem comes when individual drum pallets need to be retrieved for dispatch. It is almost impossible to find and extract the correct pallet quickly.

If stored on Barpro mobiles, each pallet of drums is immediately accessible.

Stock can be correctly rotated and controlled by batch code, drum temperatures are maintained during dispatch and there is far less damage.

Store capacities can be increased by doing up to 7 levels of pallet in the height as no pallet rests directly on another.

As some local cold stores have already found, storing drums especially of frozen concentrate on Barpro mobiles can be a very cost-effective solution. If you are interested, please contact:


James Cunningham – james@barpro.co.za

Jonathan Dalton – sales@barpro.co.za

Tel: +27 (0) 21 552 9190


Robert Kershaw – rob@barpro.co.za

Tshepo Ndhlovu – jhbsales@barpro.co.za

Tel: +27 (0) 11 392 1702


Melanie Nargayya – dbnadmin@barpro.co.za

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